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The process of manufacturing and recycling VegTabWare products


VegTabWare products are made from sugar beet roots by thermal method.It has a pleasant smell, is safe for humans, suitable for feeding animals.Only natural ingredients, environmentally friendly.Decomposes in natural conditions in 30 days

- Excellent plant nutrition- Suitable for animal feeding- Has a very pleasant smell and beautiful appearance- Stronger than plastic / paper plates, moisture resistant

VegTabWare biodegradation

Total within 1 month


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VegTabWare BIO

Maksym Astapov

VegTabWare company was founded a year ago by two environmentalists in Casper, Wyoming, USA.
Since 2018, we have been involved in projects in the field of ecology and electric transport, therefore we have accumulated experience and formed an understanding of how we can contribute to the preservation of planet Earth.
The priority areas for VegTabWare company are reduction of the planet's pollution with plastic (replacement of plastic products with biodegradable ones and recycling).
VegTabWare - innovative tableware, for the manufacture of which a special type of natural vegetable material with a high content of pectins and other polysaccharides is used.These plates can replace disposable plastic dishes and reduce the pollution of our planet.
We are experimenting with different types of feedstock in the form of flax, corn, hemp seed, as well as from other plant parts, for example, crushed leaves, stems and roots.At the moment, the best solution is sugar beet roots after extracting sugar from them.
Let's make this world cleaner and better together!

Maksym Astapov, CEO 

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"I received my set, it's amazing. Thank you, VegTabWare!"

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